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About Us

PT. Grand Spot Cipta Solusi is a wholly owned entity of Tele-Grandspot, an information technology holding company. A Telemarketing software provider focused on delivering the latest in IP-PBX software technologies to companies developing applications for real-time multimedia communications over IP.

Tele-Grandspot system is develops by PT. Grand Spot Cipta Solusi and can be operated to VoIP gateways connect analog and digital PSTN lines and PBX systems to an IP telephony network, as well as providing PSTN access for various VoIP end points such as IP phones, FXS devices, soft-phones, IP-based PBX and Key Systems.

PT. Grand Spot Cipta Solusi also develops value-added software enhancements for its VoIP market segments, including a comprehensive unit management system to facilitate deployment by large carriers and enterprises. We have the expertise, the tools, the people, the experience, the geographic spread and the organization to quickly adapt to your needs and those of your customers, and to provide high quality, effective and cost efficient customer interaction services.